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Young Writer's Workshop

All activities will start with an Icebreaker Activity that gets the children comfortable and relaxed. They will learn how to introduce themselves and share a fun fact about themselves, and play a game that promotes teamwork and communication.

Icebreaker Activity

To start the workshop, the children play an icebreaker game to warm up to one another and feel more comfortable in our writing activities.

Writing Prompts

The children will be provided writing prompts to get their creative juices flowing. The prompts might be related to the workshop theme, or they might be more open-ended.

Writing Time

The children will be given time to work on their writing. Guidance and support will be provided as the children work independently.

Peer Review

After the children have completed their writing, they will have the opportunity to share their work with one another and offer feedback. Feedback is constructive and supportive.

Final Draft

Once the children have received feedback, they will have time to revise and complete a final draft of their work.

Sharing Session

The workshop will conclude with a sharing session where each child can read their work aloud to the group.

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Young Writer's Workshop

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