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Imagine with Dany

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I strive to make my school assemblies memorable by creating characters, stories, and activities that are entertaining and inspiring.


My goal is to create a positive and lasting impression on the students and to leave them feeling inspired and excited about learning.

The Magic Wand

Assembly starts with my Magic wand story. In this part we are working on visual imagery through storytelling and acting. Writing is more than just classwork and homework assignments. It’s an opening into a new world using creativity, expression, and communication. Writing for theater involves creating scripts for plays, musicals, and other performance art.

Hello Song

Songs are a form of writing that use music as its medium. Songs typically include lyrics, melody, and sometimes instrumental accompaniment. Songs can be used to tell stories, express emotions, or simply provide entertainment. Songwriting is a form of creative expression, and can be used to explore different themes and ideas.

The Students are the Stars

In this part we created a life-sized version of the story, complete with costumes and props. Being in theater as a kid helps to build self-confidence, creativity, teamwork, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and public speaking abilities. It can also help to foster a greater appreciation for the performing arts and develop a lifelong love of theater.

The Spider Story

Reading the spider story can help to provide perspective and insight into how to manage difficult emotions. It can help to provide comfort and reassurance, as well as a reminder that it is possible to overcome obstacles and find a way to move forward. This story also provides an opportunity to reflect on the ways we can find strength in the face of adversity and to remind ourselves that we are capable of more than we think.

Game Time

There are many ways to turn a children's book into an interactive, hands-on game. In this case, we are helping the Bear Mamas with their babies' diapers! Interactive, hands-on games can help children better understand a book by allowing them to actively engage with the material. They can also provide an opportunity for children to have fun while learning. Playing games can also help a child to remember the material better and to gain a more in-depth understanding of the story.

Goodbye Song

Singing a Goodbye song at the end of the assembly helps the students transition from their fun learning environment back to the classroom. It also serves as a reminder of the lessons that were learned in the assembly today and can help create a sense of closure. Additionally, singing goodbye songs can help create a sense of community and camaraderie among classmates as they share a moment together before leaving the assembly.

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Kids Assemblies

My Interactive Assembly

My assemblies are designed to inspire and engage students, while promoting a love for reading, writing, and language arts. Through my interactive approach, I encourage students to apply their English knowledge and develop their writing skills with confidence. With a focus on closing learning gaps created by COVID, my assemblies provide solutions that improve state testing scores and reinforce reading comprehension. By sharing my passion for writing and storytelling, I inspire students to unlock their creativity and discover their voice.

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