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Imagine with Dany

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A relatable bedtime story about a child's fear of imaginary monsters and a frazzled mother's attempts to calm her down.

Goodnight Monsters

An animal adventure book featuring a vet nurse and her Chihuahua, searching for a trapped family of cats.

Cat Whisperer

A boy puts his brother's diaper in a box labeled "To France", leading to a hilarious adventure around the world in this silly children's book.

The Stinky Diaper

A funny, rhyming story about a king and his flying pig, perfect for teaching reading and vocabulary through spelling patterns.

There Once was a King

A girl seeks approval and love from her enigmatic mother. Her journey includes an escape to the Netherlands, an unplanned pregnancy, and eventual reconciliation after her mother's cancer diagnosis.


Flash the Scaredy-Cat Spider is an interactive children's book with a powerful message of overcoming fear and empowerment.

The Scaredy-Cat Spider (The Pen-Pal Series)

The Pen-Pal Educational Series teaches Common Core Standards with emphasis on emotions, spiders, friendship, social skills, physical play, arts and crafts, and promotes lifelong learning. The Young Writer’s Edition encourages free thinking.

The Scaredy-Cat Spider TEACHER'S EDITION

Accompanying Flash the Scaredy-Cat Spider, this book allows young writers to track their progress while writing pen-pal letters to Flash. The book sends an empowering message to help kids overcome fear through communication and education.

The Scaredy-Cat Spider Writer's Workbook

My published children's books help ignite a love for language arts by inspiring students to apply their knowledge and develop their writing skills with confidence.

Published Books

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