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Young Speaker's Workshop

All activities start with an Icebreaker Activity that aims to relax children and prime them for the following lesson. Children will learn how to introduce themselves and share a fun fact about themselves. The objective of this workshop is to complete a game that promotes teamwork and communication.

Storytelling Session

Storytelling is a great way to help children develop their speaking skills and imagination. We will read a story aloud and take turns retelling the story in their own words.

Role-Playing Activity

Role-playing is a fun way to help children practice their speaking skills and build their confidence. We will act out a scene from a play or movie, or create their own skit.

Impromptu Speaking Challenge

Impromptu speaking challenges are a great way to help children think on their feet and develop their improvisational skills. We will have random topic challenges and have them speak for 30 seconds without preparation.

Public Speaking Games

There are a variety of games that can help children develop their public speaking skills. We will play as we learn.

Presentation Preparation

The children prepare for a final presentation by providing guidance on speech structure, voice projection, and body language. We will work in groups to create a presentation on a topic they are interested in.

Final Presentation

We will end the workshop with a showcase where the children can perform their presentations in front of the group. This encourages the children to support one another and give positive feedback.

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Young Speaker's Workshop

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