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Danielle Lacy

Imagine With Dany LLC

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I'm a children's entertainer, author, and english/ESL tutor who specializes in interactive assemblies and teaching the joys of writing!


Together, we will communicate your purpose through writing, speaking, and a sprinkle of imagination.

Transforming Students into

Confident Readers, Writers, & Speakers.

Hi, I'm Danielle!

Where to Start?

Let's get acquainted! Here are some great starting points for you to discover what I'm all about!

Published Books

Danielle is an author of both children’s books and adult novels.Let Danielle share ideas about how to organize your time, your thoughts and your material, as well as hold you accountable to your writing commitments. 

In the process, she will teach you about the craft of writing, identifying language and organizational patterns that work, and give you the feedback and encouragement that will inspire your writing.


Expand your imagination in assemblies that inspire a love for writing and reading, improve state testing scores, and reinforce reading comprehension. Let's ignite creativity!

I am passionate about inspiring audiences of all ages to expand their imagination, ignite their creativity, and develop a love for writing and reading. By making reading and writing engaging and fun, students are more likely to develop a love for these skills that will stay with them throughout their lives. I use interactive storytelling techniques, group activities, and high energy to keep students engaged and excited about learning. 

In addition to assemblies, I also offer motivational speaking services for conferences, conventions, and other events. My talks focus on topics such as creativity, imagination, and personal growth, and are designed to inspire and motivate audiences to achieve their goals.


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced English speaker, I will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals. Whether you need help with grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, or conversation skills, I am here to help.

My teaching style is student-centered, which means that all instruction is tailored to your learning style. I understand that everyone learns differently, and I will work with you to find the approach that works best for you. 


As a TESOL-certified teacher with a BA in History and Early Childhood Education (pre-K through 8th grade), I have helped hundreds of students from all over the world, ages 5 through adult, improve their English speaking and writing skills. All instruction is tailored to the individual learner, their current level, and learning style. Short-term and long-term tutoring plans are available.


"I can't praise Dany enough. In October 2022 our first-grade son was not reading, writing, and frustrated with school. 2 days a week tutoring, 6 months later and he is now a level 12 reader, caught up with his peers, and confident in all he is doing. Dany is a miracle worker." 

J. Gupta

"Dany did a workshop at our child care conference and got great reviews from the attendees. She is a very dynamic presenter, hands-on and very knowledgeable."  

Director Lily, Childcare Conference State of NJ

"Danielle, you were wonderful in your assembly! I loved how you connected your books to your performance and how you fairly involved every grade level with humor and honesty about writing a book." 

Jenna C. 

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