The author emerges you into her world with honesty and raw emotion that will leave you reflecting on the essential aspects of life including love, personal growth, and perseverance despite the most challenging obstacles.

This is a love story between a woman and her mom, as much as it is with her dad, past relationships, and children. It's a beautiful peek into someone's life- both the pretty and ugly parts. 


from daughter to mother

Two women can't live under the same roof.


Butterfly follows the dynamic relationship between an eccentric, enigmatic mother and her daughter, a girl seeking the approval and love of her mom. As a child, the daughter maintains her innocence and love for her mother and for life despite having to live by new rules like “Never wake Mom unless it’s a true emergency!” As a teenager having a mom that wanted her to stay out of her hair led to a year-long escape as an au pair in the Netherlands (which included exploring Europe alone), an unplanned pregnancy, and eventually marriage to the wrong man. Join Danielle as she navigates life with an optimistic view regardless of the situations life hands her. It wasn’t until her mom’s diagnoses with cancer and a prognosis of one year to live that the healing between them could begin.



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