Goodnight Monsters Book

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As evening falls, the sleepy child tries to keep a positive outlook. There really are NO monsters!

As bedtime nears, her frazzled mother attempts to stay calm. Surely tonight will be different?

In rhyming text and colorful illustrations, readers follow the young girl and her family throughout their nightly routines.

Trying to be brave, the fearful youngster wishes to peacefully fall asleep. But everywhere she turns, a new “monster” seems to take shape. Exasperated, Mom has tried everything and just wants to relax.

Children and parents, alike, can relate to this common slumber time experience. Goodnight Monsters offers a great opportunity for families to talk about this particular challenge.

In a broader sense, adults can point out that in life, when times get dark and things seem big and scary, we can look past the shadows to discover the truth. The story can teach children to see things for what they really are. Kids can find reassurance in the book’s resolution when the real “culprits” are brought to light!

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