Check out my interview with Toastmaster District 38.

We discuss the conference and my presentation on The Skeleton of YOU!!!

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Check out my interview with International Speaker Stand Tall Steve!

*  Trials and Tribulations of becoming an author.

*  Having a mentor, having colleagues at your level, and mentoring others (Triangle of Success).

*  Giving spirit- help and provide for others.

*  Finding your closure, happiness, and moving forward.


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"Dany did a workshop at our child care conference and got great reviews from the attendees. She is a very dynamic presenter, hands-on and very knowledgeable."  Director Lily, NJ State Childcare Conference

"Dany was an outstanding choice! She really took her time to personalize her presentation to fit the style of our event." -G.C. SHIFT 2019


"I attended Steve & Danielle's Zoom conference about Virtual Teaching. Although I am not a teacher I still learned another aspect I needed

to grab people's attention Virtually. Enjoyed Steve's tips he uses. Loved Danny's ability to just go into kid mode so cute she had my attention.

I would definitely want to be there and participate with my kids. "- Stephanie Nancy Faris (Teacher's Conference 2020)


"Dany provides a one-on-one customer service experience that it is hard to find nowadays. Her professionalism and dedication to service is only

matched by her availability and motivation."  MC, Coaching Client

"Dany instantly connected with my team which in turn made it an hour worthwhile for all who were interested!! I would definitely recommend

  Dany and I will be inviting her back again." Director Kelly, Creme de la Creme

"Dany has been a wonderful speaker with the ladies of the Women's Opportunity Center. She is patient and kind."

D.Lombardo, Director of Women's Opportunity Center, NJ


"Danielle, you were wonderful! I loved how you connected your book to your live animal display and how you fairly involved every grade

level with humor and honesty about writing a book." BC , Kindergarten Teacher, Chatsworth NJ (Assembly)

"Dany is self-motivated and creative which allows her to break boundaries and move mountains. I would highly recommend working with Dany."

L.Aumiller, HousePaws