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Welcome to Dear Girlfriend,

I am super stoked to have you on my podcast where we talk about everything from business ideas, meeting successful people, figuring out how to make your dreams come to fruition, family life, the incredible teenage years, and so on.

Everyone needs true candid stories to know,

"You aren’t alone in this amazing life journey." Join us as we discuss the funny and not-so-funny moments in life.

Listen to stories of growth through the eyes of others. You are unique in your life yet, NEVER alone! 

Melissa opens up about her life events that led to her recovery from childhood trauma, dealing with depression in herself and her children, and how she handles the teenage years from experience.  This podcast has some shocking information not intended for under 18. 

Come listen to Melissa and Dany as we chat about 

✅ How you can recover from childhood trauma.

✅ Making your children feel safe again if they suffered PTSD/Trauma.

✅ Talking to your teens candidly.

✅ Techniques to stay happy in your life.

Editing, Query Letters, and Pushing Forward with Professional Editor Kim Catanzarite Ep.8/21

✅ Why do you need an editor?

✅ What not to do when writing your story.

✅ Character Development.

✅ Her biggest advice for aspiring authors to enjoy the process. 

Check out Kim Catanzarite:  Follow her Blog See if you're a match for editing.

Some of her clients include Better Homes and Gardens Books, Ten Speed Press, Writer's Digest Books, North Light Books, Krause Publications, Lark Books, and writers seeking agent representation as well as those who plan to self-publish.

Serving Others, Packaging your Creativity, and Battling Imposter Syndrome with Artist & Creative Coach, Shani O Ep.7/21

We all do better when we all do better- consultation and serving people

✅ No Pants Project,, and "The Society for Visual Storytelling"

✅ Making the most out of the pandemic time

✅ Her biggest advice for aspiring or published authors if you want to succeed long term

Check out Shani O:

Want a more in-depth, one on one conversation to answer all your burning questions? Hop on a quick zoom chat and get you some answers.

The Art Bard is about telling stories visually through illustrations for comics, graphic novels, children's books, picture books, and preproduction services for films

Know YOUR Body, with Kidney Transplant Survivor,

Christina Orefice Ep. 6/21

Christina learned her kidneys were failing, and she needed a transplant. With 2% function left Christina found her donor!  What we learn from Christina in this fascinating recovery story is to:


Trust your instincts when it comes to your body.

✅ Change Doctors if you feel uncomfortable.

✅ Stay positive, no matter what!


Special thanks to the Mayo Clinic for the knowledge provided for her to move forward and

University of Pennsylvania for their continued care and successful transplant. 

Perseverance, Dreams, & Growth with best selling fantasy author, Jasmine Young Ep. 5/21

Come chat with Dany and Jasmine about being a Fantasy Author, the struggles writers go through and staying on track no matter what.

✅ Why traditional education may be harming kids

✅ Why getting a MA degree could be a really bad next move

✅ How to create YOUR kickass brand and branding message

✅ Why you should build your social media platform BEFORE getting published

✅ Her biggest advice for aspiring or published authors if you want to succeed long term

Become a Legend... By joining the legends.

Check out:

Leadership, Dreams & Influence with International Speaker Stand Tall Steve Ep.4/21


Come listen in with Dany as she speaks to International Speaker Stand Tall Steve on

✅ Taking the time to live your dreams.

✅ What is the climate and culture of your business, home, or school?

✅ Understanding leadership, actions, and influence.  

✅ Did you know Leaders aren't supposed to fit in?  

Check out Stand Tall Steve HERE

Career, Positivity and Being a Single Mom with Scientist, Amber Adkinson Ep. 3/21


Come chat with Dany and Amber about:

✅ Learn how to ask for what you want in your career.

✅ Being a career-based single mom and those challenges,

✅ Getting back up after a layoff and the sloppy path that gets you back on track.

Women in Engineering with Malathi Pentapalli Ep. 2/21


Come listen in with Dany as she speaks to a woman leader in Engineering and Technology on:

✅ Wanting a career in engineering.

✅ Is your daughter interested?

✅ Explore the myths of women and engineering.  

✅ Maintaining positivity in your life.


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