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Be inspired,

Be empowered,

Be motivated. 

Self-made success stories and exciting personalities talk about their experiences, setbacks, and how you can make your vision a reality. 

Everyone needs true candid stories to know,
"You aren’t alone in this amazing life journey." 

Listen to stories of growth through the eyes of others. 

You are unique in your life yet, NEVER alone! 

Podcast formerly known as Dear Girlfriend.

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Meet the Guests!

Sevannah Storm copy.jpg

Last day of Nanowrimo, Solid World Building, with Romantic Fiction Author Sevannah Storm Season 2, Ep. 28


Come meet the fabulous Romantic Fiction Author Sevannah Storm, and listen as she talks about:

✅Nanowrimo  experiences and how she gets through the month

✅Creating her newest Novella, Plump Jane

✅Being a romance novelist 

✅Tips on World Building and research


Feel free to check out Sevannah social media and website for more information.






Ivan Scott.jpg

Hard Work, Perseverance, and Challenges with Romantic Fiction Author Ivan Scott Season 2, Ep. 27

 Come meet Ivan Scott, the author of the books: Redhead in a Blue Convertible and The Redhead and the Ghostwriter as we talk about

✅Finding a publisher/agent

✅Perserverence in marketing yourself 

✅Being an Indie Publisher

✅The ideas behind Ivan's two first books 

Feel free to check out Ivan's social media and website for for more information.







RomanceFictionChick Lit

Jennifer Jensen.jpg

Laugh, Take a Risk, and Enjoy the Ride with Author Jennifer Jensen Season 2, Ep. 26

Come meet Jennifer Jensen, the author of the book series, Versions of Me, and hear all about:

✅Tackling a full-time career, kids, and being an author

✅Vulnerability in writing a series with mental health issues at the forefront

✅Being an Indie Author and the challenges

✅Common mistakes of new authors

As our world continues to fight the stigma around mental health issues, Jennifer’s book series, Versions of Me, gives a glimpse into the mind of Harper Jones. In book one, The Vice, Harper—a twenty-eight-year-old woman—is struggling to cope with her past. As the life she has been living starts to crumble around her, she finds herself fighting not only external battles but internal ones as well. The battles that she faces drive her motivation behind everything she does. They drive her need to drink, her need to be loved—her need to be the woman she once was.


Take a risk, Create the life you want, and Bounce back with Author/TV Personality Lisa Bien Season 2, Ep. 25

Come meet the Queen of Getting Unstuck Lisa Bien and hear all about:

✅Going from stand up comedy to being an author/life coach

✅Taking a risk to get out there and DO IT! 

✅We all have our "something" to get through

✅and being YOUR greatest cheerleader 

Lisa Bien is not only an expert in these foundational values of self-worth and resiliency but also in communicating them to your employees. When you hire Lisa to engage with your employees, they are motivated to get clarity in both their professional and personal lives, becoming happier and more fulfilled – resulting in stronger employees with a fresh, healthy outlook on life. Employees who are no longer bored with their day-to-day activities, and instead feel empowered and are more equipped to communicate with their team, creating a more cohesive and productive workforce. Follow her on all social media platforms!


Vision, Creativity, and Loving Life with entrepreneur Doreen Laskiewicz, Season 2, Ep. 24

Come meet the fascinating Doreen Laskiewicz and hear all about:

✅Her musical career turned teacher turned artist

✅How she became a photographer

✅Our new podcast coming soon  

✅Her newest FB page CreativeLadiesROCK

"It starts with collaboration. Creativity. A vision. It comes to life with a mastery of technical tools - lens, edit programs, camera settings - all coming together to create something special." Doreen's Philosophy

Follow her on all social media platforms!

Alexandre G Bojko.jpg

Teen historian of Antebellum America, Author of The Political Underdogs, Alexandre G. Bojko Season 2, Ep. 23

Come meet Alexandre G. Bojko, a high school senior, and hear how his journey's of

✅becoming an aspiring historian of Antebellum America, specializing in the era of Jacksonian Democracy

✅publishing a book comparing the two presidencies of James K. Polk and Donald J. Trump.

✅offering advice to young adults who share the same passion for History 

have propelled him forward to his dreams.


Follow him on all social media platforms!

Instagram: @alexandregbojko 

Twitter: @alexandregbojko 

YouTube: Alexandre G. BojkoIn 2018 

Caleb Smith copy.jpg

Teen CEO of Peacebunny Island, Author and Eagle Scout Caleb Smith Season 2, Ep. 22

Come meet the fascinating Caleb Smith and hear all about:

✅The creation of Peacebunny Island

✅Becoming a brand new author with his book Peacebunny Island

✅How Eagle Scouts has helped him and

✅Sharing hugs, hope, and hoppiness!

In 2018 a teen entrepreneur bought 43-foot houseboat and began renting a series of river islands, fully believing these were the missing pieces to his business plan to train comfort rabbits, a plan that he had been developing for many years.

To learn more about Caleb and to support his Peacebunny Island, go to

Follow him on all social media platforms! 


Writer Escape Weekend, Finishing my novel Blue Jay, Interviewing with my husband Matthew Lacy Season 2 Ep.21 

This is a different type of interview as my husband Matthew Lacy and I talk about my weekend escape (alone) to a motel to complete my fiction novel, Blue Jay!  Whoot Whoot!

We talk about, why this was needed...  why every writer should do this... and how this will be my new process. 

Ed Tate DG.jpg

World Champion Speaker, Ed Tate, speaks on rising to the top, helping win high stake presentations, and being a dad of a two year old… Ep. 2/20

Come join Ed and hear his story:

✅Not wanting to even compete as a speaker

✅The life-changing moment when he became a world champion speaker

✅Helping others become speakers

✅The love of being a dad

Ed Tate is an award-winning international keynote speaker, trainer, and author. To date, he has spoken professionally in 50 states, 25 countries, and on five continents.

Using the principles he teaches, Ed Tate won the “American Idol of Public Speaking.”. He became the 2000 World Champion of Public Speaking - Toastmasters International’s most prestigious speaking award among its 352,000+ members.

In 2008, Ed earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association.

Since 1998, Ed has been principal of Ed Tate & Associates, LLC, a professional development firm that provides expertise on Winning High-Stakes Presentations.


Arif Vakil- The Calm Achiever GTD Method teaches how to organize your workflow and love your life 2/19

Come chat with Dany and Arif about

✅ Suffer from organizational issues? Arif will set you on the path

✅ Being organized leads to feeling relaxed even though you have so much to do

✅ Getting Things Done (GTD) for beginners

✅ Change your workflow and love your workday

Arif Vakil is the co-founder of Calm Achiever®. He's a Master Trainer & a Coach in the Getting Things Done methodology. ... After experiencing the benefits, his company Vakil Housing became the first in India to get trained in GTD by the David Allen Company in 2008, and he became a GTD Trainer. Visit him online at

Arif Vakil was raised in Dubai. He is a trained Chartered Accountant from London, UK, and has worked with KPMG in Dubai before taking the role of director at Vakil Housing. He is also a director at Calm Achiever and a master trainer in Getting Things done Methodology. He co-authored Sufi comics: Rumi, 40 Sufi comics, and The Wise Fool of Baghdad.

Twitter: Arif Vakil

Interview with David Allen

YouTube: Calm Achiever

LinkedIn: Arif Vakil


Michigan Father angry after teacher cuts daughter's hair Exclusive Interview with Jimmy Hoffmeyer p.2/18

It has been all over the news.  Now you are hearing Jimmy's own story here:

✅ Dad looking for answers as to why a teacher cut all of his 7-year-olds hair off

✅ Pushing the Crown Act so this doesn't happen again

✅ Teaching his daughter to stand up for herself at a young age

✅ Starting over after this ordeal

Follow Jimmy on Instagram

Support the relocating GOFUNDME

Kate Eckman DG.jpg

Kate Eckman- Author, Broadcast Journalist, & TV Personality shares how to Live your Truths, Shut Down the Inner Critic, and Make your World a Beautiful Place Ep.2/17

Come chat with Dany and Kate candidly about

✅ Living your truths

✅ Shutting Down the Inner Critic

✅ Making your World a Beautiful Place

✅ The Full Spirit Workout

Kate Eckman is the author of The Full Spirit Workout: A Ten-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, and Create a Fun and Fulfilling Life. She is a broadcast journalist and TV personality who brings her expertise in communications, performance, and mindfulness to her practice as a success coach for business leaders and professional athletes. She earned a BA in communications from Penn State University, where she was an Academic All-American swimmer, and received her master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She graduated at the highest level from Columbia University’s executive and organizational coaching program and is a certified ICF coach (ACC) and a licensed NBI consultant. Passionate about mindfulness practices for both brain and body health, she is also a meditation teacher and course creator for Insight Timer, the world’s number one–ranked free meditation app. Visit her online at







Volunteering, Connections, and Planting the Seeds with Volunteer Queen, Nicole Meyers Ep. 2/16

Come chat with Dany and Volunteer Queen, Nicole Meyers as she opens up about:

✅ Figuring out your volunteer road

✅ Taking a healthy inventory of what you put on your plate

✅ Teaching volunteering to children

✅ Helping others connect, share passion, and compassion

Nicole is a homeschooling mom, an artist, and a volunteer queen.  Listen to her why to volunteering, establishing strong values in your kids, 

and knowing when to invest your time. 

Nicole Meyers copy.jpg
April  Crimbley.jpg

Unlocking your Self Confidence, Surviving Divorce, and Finding Purpose with coach/author, April Crimbley Ep. 15/21

Come chat with Dany and Author/Coach April Crimbley, as she opens up about:

✅ Unlocking your Self Confidence

✅ Surviving Divorce

✅ Stumbling into your Purpose

✅ Living in a Fairy Tale World 

Want to check out April?  Follow the links below...

April Crimbley is a Dallas-based author, life coach, and career coach. April has personally coached women for years and recently gained Life Coach and Career Coach certification. April’s passion is to help women who are going through divorce and are trying to figure out how to navigate their new life. April’s coaching sessions are designed to provide men and women with the guidance and tools they need to clearly set career goals. April Crimbley has published two books –  From Me to Us: 4 Steps from Single to Married Life. From Me to Us is a follow-up to April’s book, Single Dose: Finding Peace, Fulfillment, and Contentment Being Single.

You can stay in touch with April at or She is available for anyone needing help with building self-confidence, creating a resume, or job interviewing. Her two books are available on Amazon – “Single Dose: Finding Peace, Fulfillment, and Contentment Being Single” and “From Me to Us: 4 Steps from Single to Married Life.”


Teaching, Cycling, and Loving your Career with

VIPKID Teacher Brian 14/21

Come chat with Dany and VIPKID Teacher, Brian, as he opens up about:

✅ 4 years as an online ESL teacher

✅ Living in Korea

✅ Being a cyclist

✅ Loving your career

Check out Brian's hysterical classes in his podcast here: 

Instagram: brian_teaching

Want to be a teacher online? Want to leave your job? Create new flexibility in your life?  

Then click here!  What do you have to lose?

Join VIPKID here and live the life you want!  MUST HAVE A 4 YEAR DEGREE

Andrew Hannah copy.jpg

Author's Chat, "The Secret", and Loving Life with Andrew Hannah Ep. 13 /21

Come chat with Dany and Author, Andrew Hannah, as he opens up about:

✅ Becoming a first-time author

✅ The trials of writing a fiction novel

✅ Encouraging new authors to live their dream

✅ How the book "The Secret" was a part of his success

What is PREY about?

Brian Lennox has had to adapt to a new world where birds are now the world's deadliest predators as they hunt and prey on mankind. Brian with his friends Sam and Billy must travel across the UK to get to a safe place while Brian is frantically searching for his missing ex-wife and his two young children. Along the way, Brian must make difficult decisions while being hunted by birds and other threats that this new world has given birth to.  Get Andrew's book PREY here...

Email -
Twitter - @AndrewJamesHan4
Instagram- Andrewjameshannah011
Tumblr - Andrewjhannahsblog


Fighting Fires, The Timber Industry, and being a family man with Oregon's own, James Sturgis Ep. 12/21

Come chat with Dany and Timberjack, James Sturgis, as he opens up about:

✅ The real-life scenarios of fighting fires and the Timber Industry. 

✅  Balancing a risky career and being a family man

✅ How he dreamed of this career since childhood

✅ Doing the career you love.

Heather Andrews.jpg

Becoming a Police Officer, Domestic Violence and Breaking the Cycle with Philadelphia, Police Officer, Heather Andrews Ep.11/21

Come chat with Dany and Police Officer Heather Andrews as she opens up about:

✅ Becoming a Police Officer as a career

✅  The risk of abusive relationships and surviving one

✅ Being in a domestic violence cycle and the breaking point for getting out

✅ Loving yourself the way you would love your daughter, mother, sister, best friend.

✅ How to teach your children to know what love should look like

If you are living in a domestic violence relationship or know someone who is, please share these links:

Basha Africa Outfit copy.jpg

Positivity Chat with Speaker, Writer, Mentor, Coach Basha McCrumb Ep.10/21

Listen in as Dany and Basha chat about life and navigating your way on a positive path while learning and growing new skills. Basha is the owner of Confiance-en-Soi LLC, a world traveler, and a Distinguished Toastmaster.

✅ Do you lack self-confidence?

✅ Are you your own worst enemy?

✅ Do you want to be more positive?

✅ Do you want to be a better speaker?

✅ Do you want to change your life and take on a new career path?

Connect with Basha on Linked In HERE

Melissa Kehm.jpg

Melissa opens up about her life events that led to her recovery from childhood trauma, dealing with depression in herself and her children, and how she handles the teenage years from experience.  This podcast has some shocking information not intended for under 18. 

Come listen to Melissa and Dany as we chat about 

✅ How you can recover from childhood trauma.

✅ Making your children feel safe again if they suffered PTSD/Trauma.

✅ Talking to your teens candidly.

✅ Techniques to stay happy in your life.

Dear Girlfriiend Kim.jpg

Editing, Query Letters, and Pushing Forward with Professional Editor Kim Catanzarite Ep.8/21

✅ Why do you need an editor?

✅ What not to do when writing your story.

✅ Character Development.

✅ Her biggest advice for aspiring authors to enjoy the process. 

Check out Kim Catanzarite:  Follow her Blog See if you're a match for editing.

Some of her clients include Better Homes and Gardens Books, Ten Speed Press, Writer's Digest Books, North Light Books, Krause Publications, Lark Books, and writers seeking agent representation as well as those who plan to self-publish.

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 6.35.27 PM.jpg

Serving Others, Packaging your Creativity, and Battling Imposter Syndrome with Artist & Creative Coach, Shani O Ep.7/21

We all do better when we all do better- consultation and serving people

✅ No Pants Project,, and "The Society for Visual Storytelling"

✅ Making the most out of the pandemic time

✅ Her biggest advice for aspiring or published authors if you want to succeed long term

Check out Shani O:

Want a more in-depth, one on one conversation to answer all your burning questions? Hop on a quick zoom chat and get you some answers.

The Art Bard is about telling stories visually through illustrations for comics, graphic novels, children's books, picture books, and preproduction services for films

IMG_2601 copy.jpg

Know YOUR Body, with Kidney Transplant Survivor,

Christina Orefice Ep. 6/21

Christina learned her kidneys were failing, and she needed a transplant. With 2% function left Christina found her donor!  What we learn from Christina in this fascinating recovery story is to:


Trust your instincts when it comes to your body.

✅ Change Doctors if you feel uncomfortable.

✅ Stay positive, no matter what!


Special thanks to the Mayo Clinic for the knowledge provided for her to move forward and

University of Pennsylvania for their continued care and successful transplant. 


Perseverance, Dreams, & Growth with best selling fantasy author, Jasmine Young Ep. 5/21

Come chat with Dany and Jasmine about being a Fantasy Author, the struggles writers go through and staying on track no matter what.

✅ Why traditional education may be harming kids

✅ Why getting a MA degree could be a really bad next move

✅ How to create YOUR kickass brand and branding message

✅ Why you should build your social media platform BEFORE getting published

✅ Her biggest advice for aspiring or published authors if you want to succeed long term

Become a Legend... By joining the legends.

Check out:

Amber podcast.jpg

Career, Positivity and Being a Single Mom with Scientist, Amber Adkinson Ep. 3/21


Come chat with Dany and Amber about:

✅ Learn how to ask for what you want in your career.

✅ Being a career-based single mom and those challenges,

✅ Getting back up after a layoff and the sloppy path that gets you back on track.

IMG_2406adjStandTallSteve-Dear Girlfrien

Leadership, Dreams & Influence with International Speaker Stand Tall Steve Ep.4/21


Come listen in with Dany as she speaks to International Speaker Stand Tall Steve on

✅ Taking the time to live your dreams.

✅ What is the climate and culture of your business, home, or school?

✅ Understanding leadership, actions, and influence.  

✅ Did you know Leaders aren't supposed to fit in?  

Check out Stand Tall Steve HERE

IMG_2386 copy.jpg

Women in Engineering with Malathi Pentapalli Ep. 2/21


Come listen in with Dany as she speaks to a woman leader in Engineering and Technology on:

✅ Wanting a career in engineering.

✅ Is your daughter interested?

✅ Explore the myths of women and engineering.  

✅ Maintaining positivity in your life.

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