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I have always been passionate about creating.


My ideas live in dozens of journals and on random sheets of papers scattered everywhere. When I am not writing, I love engaging in new projects, diving headfirst into learning something new.


I believe in working hard for ideas to become reality. I love it when others' dreams come true just as much as my own.

When I am not writing, speaking, or creating, my other biggest passion in life is fueling others in their ambitions and bringing their ideas to fruition. The moment someone realizes that their dream is no longer just a dream is the same moment I know my job is complete.

I graduated from Richard Stockton college as a certified teacher K-8th. At RSC I began my philanthropy works working with Circle K International. As the senior director for several fundraisers in New Jersey together we raised over $75K for The American Cancer Society, Strong Kids Campaign, CHOP, Brooke Mulford Association, Flashes of Hope, and several other charities. I have owned small businesses such as a photography studio, an estate sales company, and a thrift store. I also have assisted others in running and setting up their startup companies, as well as trained and coached students, faculties, and staff at multiple school districts and other educational institutions. 


Hired by the State of NJ, Women’s Opportunity Center as a career coach I continued helping others through teaching job readiness, creating resumes and assisting women on a new path for a better life. 


Continuing my Career Coaching I have helped people monetize their dreams and assisted them in building their own companies. 

Today, I am a full-time author dedicating my time to making a difference in the world!

Danielle Lacy


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