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This animal centric book follows the adventures of the
'Cat Whisperer' and her Chihuahua. Chloe, as they search
for a trapped family of cats.

Will they all be rescued AND find a new loving home?
This book educates and inspires the next generation of
animal advocates while supporting rescue groups.

Cat Whisperer is an action-adventure book based on
real-life of veterinary nurse, Kaitlyn O'Hara. 


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Kitty Whisperer’ Remembered After Accident Claims Her Life During Cat Rescue

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Kaitlyn O’Hara, Ryan Veterinary Hospital

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A woman who made a career out of her love for animals...

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They called Kaitlyn O’Hara a “cat whisperer.”


with shipping.
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Choose for your sale to donate 100% proceeds to the charity of your choice!


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or partner YOUR charity of choice
in Kaitlyn O'Hara's memory.

Want to use this fundraiser for your charity and continue Kaitlyn's legacy?
We will send you all your marketing material, simple-to-use order forms, and your organization will keep 100% of the proceeds to help animals in need. 

Thanks for submitting!


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Dr. Dana Koch is a small animal veterinarian and currently works for HousePaws Mobile Veterinarian Service. She is passionate about animal advocacy and pet owner education.
    Her special interests include pocket pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and ferrets), dentistry, acupuncture and animal physical therapy.
    Dana was a personal friend of our heroine in this story, Kaitlyn O'Hara. Together, they traveled to many countries to provide  veterinary care to animals in need. She strives to honor Kaitlyn in continuing her mission of helping animals around the globe. 


Danielle Lacy is an author, speaker and career coach who lives with her charming husband, teenage children, hippie father, and way too many pets.
   Danielle believes,"Keeping dreams in constant motion is the key to happiness." Also a friend of the beloved Kaitlyn, she joined forces with the magnificent due of Phil and Dana to make this memory live on forever in the hearts of all animal lovers everywhere.  


Phillip Barnes

Working in the business side of the animal nearly twenty years, Phil has come to know and love many veterinary professionals, people who love pets, and pets of all walks off life.

  With illustration as his lifelong hobby, the opportunity to contribute to a project like this was an honor and a pleasure.  



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