Goodnight Monsters


As evening falls, the sleepy child tries to keep a positive outlook. There really are NO monsters! As bedtime nears, her frazzled mother attempts to stay calm. Surely tonight will be different? In rhyming text and colorful illustrations, readers follow the young girl and her family throughout their nightly routines. 

Trying to be brave, the fearful youngster wishes to peacefully fall asleep. But everywhere she turns, a new “monster” seems to take shape. Exasperated, Mom has tried everything and just wants to relax. Children and parents, alike, can relate to this common slumber-time experience.


Goodnight Monsters offers a great opportunity for families to talk about this particular challenge. Kids can find reassurance in the book’s resolution when the real “culprits” are brought to light!

There Once Was a King...


Learning to read can be a challenge, but it should always be fun and magical! Share a giggle with a very special king who is the proud owner of a flying pig in a magic wig.


One silly scene leads to another, and young readers of There Once was a King will be pulled along to find out what happens next in this cumulative tale. 


Parents and educators can choose from many different ways to use this charming book: read straight through to enjoy the funny story with delightful illustrations, ask children to predict the next lines with a focus on rhyming words, and teach common vocabulary with the help of over 30 labeled sight words sprinkled throughout the story.


Reading success has been linked to teaching with spelling patterns. In this book of rhythm and rhyme, discover an emphasis on word endings such as -ark, -ig, -ing, and -og. Challenge kids to name additional words that rhyme, beyond those found in the story, to build their own, personal word lists. The possibilities are as high as the sky!

Butterfly- from daughter to mother (memoir)

ISBN-13: 978-1733575393


Butterfly follows the dynamic relationship between an eccentric, enigmatic mother and her daughter, a girl seeking the approval and love of her mom. As a child, the daughter maintains her innocence and love for her mother and for life despite having to live by new rules like “Never wake Mom unless it’s a true emergency!” As a teenager having a mom that wanted her to stay out of her hair led to a year-long escape as an au pair in the Netherlands (which included exploring Europe alone), an unplanned pregnancy, and eventually marriage to the wrong man. Join Danielle as she navigates life with an optimistic view regardless of the situations life hands her. It wasn’t until her mom’s diagnosis with cancer and a prognosis of one year to live that the healing between them could begin.

The Stinky Diaper

ISBN-13: 978-0983322702

​Instead of throwing his little brother's stinky diaper in the trash, a boy sees a box that is labeled "To France", drops the diaper in, and then the fun begins! This obnoxious diaper makes it's way around the world and home again in this delightfully silly book guaranteed to make children and adults of all ages laugh out loud. There is even a precocious fly that chases the diaper all over the world on every page. With its clean potty talk and lesson of doing things right the first time, this book will be welcome in any home or school.

The Scaredy Cat Spider

ISBN-13- coming soon

 In illustration! 





I started writing in 2017 and launched my first book, a memoir, Butterfly, in 2019! Butterfly evolved into a story following my journey with my mother and where she stood in all aspects of my life.  When I completed Butterfly, I realized that I found happiness even when chaos surrounded me. Butterfly became an inspiration to me and I now speak on behalf of these stories to help others transform their life into what they really want it to be.  I believe happiness is a solid choice and it is never too late to create yourself, again and again! 

I am thrilled to launch my children's books starting with The Stinky Diaper! This year, 2020, you will see lots of creativity and excitement spreading.  I have tons of new ideas up my sleeve and I plan on sharing them all soon!



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