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Flash-the Scaredy-Cat spider is the first of The PEN-PAL Book Series.

This is an educational series that combines Flash's story, with a young writer's workbook and a teacher's edition. 

Flash sends a powerful message of encouragement to be brave, face our fears through learning, and to breathe through the moment.


This interactive little book sends an empowering message to enable kids to overcome moments of fear.


This book opens up easy communication with kids while learning all about Flash (a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula.) Flash asks questions and talks to (YOU) the pen-pal.

A educational curriculum will also be available for purchase, along with a 

children's journal for writing.


Our hope is that through laughter, participation, and discussion during teachable moments, kids will experience their own awareness of how fear affects them, and learn to embrace it and let it go. 


                                       Artist: Kira Steiner

 Want to email Flash? Please do:



Flash loves letters.

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 2.55.10 PM.png

                       From: The PEN-PAL BOOK Series
The Scaredy-Cat Spider 

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